Their Shell

The beautiful Hawksbill shell is tough and effectively protects them from predators. However, they still fall prey to sharks, crocodiles, octopus and the biggest predator of all, humans.

Sea turtles have been swimming in the oceans for much longer than humans have been on the planet earth. These reptiles have existed for the last 100 million years.

Sadly, this beautiful creature is the most endangered species of turtle and is the 4th most endangered species on our top 10 list.

Their beautiful gold and brown patterned shells, also known as “tortoiseshell”, are hunted and sold illegally on the black market. They are used to create ornamental products and valuable jewelry.

In Japan, the Hawksbill Turtle shells, known as “bekko”, has been part of the traditional culture for 300 years and even now is used in traditional wedding dresses.

The trade of this turtle shell is illegal in an effort to conserve the population. Despite this, the Hawksbill Turtle shell is still found in souvenirs and jewelry. In fact, it’s the most frequently confiscated illegal item by custom officials.

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